Writing pays my bills.

I’m a freelance WordPress developer, digital marketer, professional editor, and content creator living in Taipei, Taiwan.

I specialize in a number of fields. I am an experienced copywriter, travel writer, content writer and blogger, and I have authored several ESL textbooks.

I am also a passionate health advocacy copywriter and content developer. Check out my work with Healthline, Creaky Joints, Walk Your AS Off and with Walk AS One if you’re interested in learning about some of the topics I’ve written about.

You can read about my travels in several print and online publications, but to understand how I got started on the road to becoming a publishing professional, stop by my flagship web site, My Several Worlds, which was launched in January 2007.

That’s where it all began…

Since then, I’ve launched dozens of travel and health-related web sites, all of which bring in a steady monthly income to fund my life in Asia. I’ve also lent my writing and WordPress expertise to dozens of other web site launches and web site redesigns, such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, Walk Your AS Off,  Flight Path Immigration, Naked Food, Walk AS One, among others.

I’ve devoted an enormous amount of time and effort into meshing all of these interests into a lifestyle that allows me to travel and work from home.

People tell me I’m a jack-of-all-trades, but I’m really just a girl who believes that inspiration can be found in anything and everything.

Some of my most recent work has been featured in Travel and Leisure AsiaUnearthing Asia magazine, Hip Compass Escapes travel magazine, and  Wandering Educators.

Please use the contact page if you’re interested in hiring me for an assignment.