I’m a freelance Wordpress developer, digital marketer, professional editor, and content creator living in Taipei, Taiwan.



I’ve made a living for more than a decade as a WP site designer, content developer, travel and health advocacy writer, digital marketing and copywriting professional, ESL author, and blogger.

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I could go into a long spiel about why you should work with me, but I think my clients do a far better job!


Wordpress website development, content creation, professional editing, Chinese to English translation services, newsletter creation, full digital marketing and SEO optimization services, and social media marketing services.


Flight Path Immigration

WordPress Site Development and SEO Consulting 2020-2021

There should be multiple options available when it comes to defining the “type” of different ways I have worked with Carrie, gotten to know Carrie, been witness to her kindness, in every role that she plays. Her steadfast commitment and support in our community here in Taiwan, from Chairwoman of the CCCT where she not only provided Canadians endless opportunities to give back to this amazing place we live, but room to celebrate our successes and support the over 60,000 Canadians who call this island their second home. I met Carrie through a mutual friend years ago when I was studying to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant; she was and still is such an inspiration as a business owner, philanthropist, driven individual, not to mention our similar approach to life, and an example of someone I wholeheartedly admired in an instant. Carrie is one of the most multifaceted and intelligent people I have ever met. Her skill set, network, knowledge, experience and willingness to help those who seek her guidance, are a short list of the assets she brings to any team; in a time where the world competes, Carrie is there to offer you an edge and solid guidance, all while cheering you on. She has been invaluable to our company building our website, optimizing our SEO, in addition to helping us build our brand on a number of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest. She has a distinctive ability to create eye-catching graphics that both emulate and showcase our business in its entirety. Tenacity, charisma and honesty make her an amazing businesswoman, but more importantly a person who advocates for others and isn’t shy to share their struggles by providing a platform for people around the globe to share their own stories. I will continue to be a student of her craft for as long as she will have me.

Cassandra Brennan, RCIC CEO of Flight Path Immigration

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan

WP Site Development, SEO Consulting, Digital Marketing 2018-2021

As a business owner, managing a website and back-end issues/sales platforms etc is always a challenge and even though I knew how I wanted my site to run, I had no idea how to do it. Working with various editors and designers over the years was hugely frustrating because it cost loads of money for very little return. I almost gave up when I contacted Carrie. First of all, she listened to what I needed in a way that showed she wanted to meet my business needs. Her communication style was the first thing that relaxed me. I felt heard. Next, we ran a simple task list on google docs that was always carefully and fully updated as Carrie executed all my requests. I'm not a tech savvy person, more of a creative and Carrie was able to deliver the best options for me, without me even knowing what I would need. She cleaned up my site and constantly checked if I was happy with it. If there were any delays, I always got advance notice and if I had a delay, she always graciously allowed for it. At the end of our project, she assured me that if I needed anything else, she would be happy to assist. For the first time in 4 years, my site actually looks how I wanted it to look and functions really well. I'm very grateful to Carrie for showing me that tech-related projects can be executed with easy and excellence. I highly recommend Carrie to anyone who wants the stress taken off handling an effective business site. On a personal note, Carrie is a complete maven in Taiwan, at the core of community events, raising funds, creating networks and connecting people. She is a visionary and executes projects with excellence, always making room for her lovely personality to make anyone feel included, cared for and respected.

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