Carrie Kellenberger

I’ve made a living from writing for more than a decade as a travel and health advocacy writer, copywriter, ESL author, web content author, and blogger.

As a freelance travel writer, my work has appeared in Unearthing Asia travel magazine, Hip Compass Escapes, Travel and Leisure Asia, and Wandering Educators, and JPG magazine. I specialize in writing about Southeast Asian destinations with a primary focus on Taiwan.

Unearthing Asia

I am a savvy WordPress expert and content creator and I have a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization. I have helped to design, create content for beautifully illustrated web pages that are perfectly optimized.


Contributing writer and photographer for Unearthing Asia travel magazine since December 2009. 

Hip Compass Escapes Fall Cover

Hip Compass Escapes Travel Magazine

I’m also a regular contributor for a number of ESL publications in Taiwan.

Ivy League Analytical English

Ivy League Analytical English Magazine

EZ Talk

EZ Talk Magazine

Some of my articles and photography include:

Hip Compass 24 Hours in TaipeiHip Compass Escapes: 24 Hours in Taipei Summer 2009

Unearthing Asia Spotlight Taipei March 2010

Unearthing Asia Issue 2 Article and photography: Spotlight Taipei (December 2009)

Unearthing Asia Tasty Taiwan 2010

Unearthing Asia Issue 2 Article and photography: Tasty Taiwan (December 2009)

UA Issue 3 Puerto Princesa June 12 2010

Unearthing Asia Issue 3 Article and photography: Spotlight Puerto Princesa, Palawan (June 2010)