Clips and Photography for Unearthing Asia Travel Magazine

Carrie Kellenberger is a senior editor and contributing writer/photographer for the Asian travel magazine, Unearthing Asia.

Issue 3 Feature  – Published June 12, 2010

Island Life: Spotlight on Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Issue 2 Feature Articles – Published March 12, 2010 (Articles and photography)

Spotlight Taipei

Gourmet Tales: Tasty Taiwan

Sydney’s Culture Capital

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Clips and Photography for Taiwan News

Spring Flower-Viewing on Yangminshan – Published April 14, 2010

The International Bakery Show in Taiwan – Published August 8, 2010

Clips and Photography for Travel and Leisure Asia

24 Hours in Taipei – Published December 1, 2009

Ximending: The Harujuku District of Taipei – Published December 22, 2010

Five Unusual Taiwanese Night Market Snacks – Published January 25, 2010

Five Great Beach Destinations in Taiwan Published February 25, 2010

Taiwan’s Spring Flower Festival – Published April 5, 2010

Yehliu Geo-Park: A Lunar-Like Adventure in Taiwan – Published June 18, 2010

Photo Essay: Taiwan Touch Your HeartPublished September 15, 2010


Hip Compass Escapes Travel Magazine

The Pescadores – Published October 2009 (Article and Photography)

On a day of gusty wind and white-capped waves, I set out for the northern islands of the Pescadores archipelago on a large high-speed boat. Within thirty minutes, the boat had docked at the tiny island of Jibei and I’ve found a scooter to rent for the day. With map in hand, I find myself following a narrow scorched and sun-baked trail down to the water’s edge. Every twist and turn reveals a stunning landscape of white coral and golden sand beaches…more

24 Hours in Taipei Published July 2009 (Article and Photography)

Taiwan’s beautiful northern city of Taipei has something to offer everyone. World-caliber museums, towering skyscrapers, mega-department stores, sophisticated art galleries, and ultra-trendy walking districts are offset by rich cultural links to the past. Uncover legends of the mystical Far East in exotic temples tucked away throughout the city…more

JPG Magazine

Haunted Holiday in San-ZhiPublished December 2008 (Article and Photography)

Carrie (Marshall) Kellenberger explores the ruins of a vacation development in Taiwan…more