I could go into a long spiel about why you should work with me, but I think my clients do a far better job!

Editing and Writing

From Asia’s top beach getaways and accommodation, to personal reflections on teaching and travel in Asia, Carrie’s got all the bases covered. Her sites are vibrant and fun, her prose punchy and informative. Most of all, she’s one of the most driven and dedicated freelancers I know. I gladly and glowingly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch editor or freelance writer.” March 3, 2010 James Baron, Editor/Freelance Journalist

Carrie is our ESL Editor at Wandering Educators. She has consistently provided great articles on the ESL classroom for our readers. From her in-depth knowledge of ESL and language learning to her obvious expertise with different cultures, Carrie is an incredible teacher. Her articles on our site are consistently viewed, and are ranked high in the search engines. As well, she is an extraordinary photographer and entrepreneur. Carrie is truly a global citizen, thriving in several cultures and making the world her home. Her sites are excellent resources that are informed by the world. I’ve always been extremely impressed with Carrie’s knowledge, teaching, broad range of work, and professionalism. She’s truly one of the new global leaders in culture, social media, and exploring the world. February 28, 2010  – Dr. Jessie Voights, Publisher of Wandering Educators

Carrie (Marshall) Kellenberger is an excellent writer and editor. Her articles, on both travel destinations and activities, are insightful and full of first-hand, useful information. Her extensive knowledge of ESL teaching techniques and methodologies provide her with an excellent background for writing and editing projects related to the education field. I hired Carrie to write several articles for my websites. She submitted flawless and creative copy well before the deadlines. She has also assisted me in setting up various websites and editing articles. Her skills in social networking and promotion mean she brings “a lot to the table.” I highly recommend Carrie and her writing and editing skills. She is a innovative and detailed-oriented professional.” – October 16, 2009 – Steve Peer, CEO of Phottix Photography Accessories


Carrie and I have collaborated on a few projects for various editorial and commercial markets. She is highly focused, highly professional and talented. When I work with Carrie, I know that I’m working with a vision-driven creative who knows what it takes to get the job done. May 11, 2010 – Craig Ferguson, Professional photographer, Owner of Craig Ferguson Images

Blog and SEO Consulting

“About a year ago, Carrie (a fellow travel blogger & Taiwan based expatriate) approached me with the idea of monetizing two of my blogs, Josambro.com and Snarky Tofu through advertising and Search Engine Optimization. Within a few months, she had turned both into money-making entities, and in the process helped me to define individual characteristics for each blog (which had, pre-Carrie, offered mostly duplicate content). I recommend Carrie highly to anyone looking to bring their web presence to the next level.” May 13, 201o – Joshua Samuel Brown, Lonely Planet author

That’s not all! My writing and photography on my award-winning site, My Several Worlds, has received a number of accolades over the past three years. Awards include:

Best 150 general travel blogs with Invesp.com since August 2009.

Top 50 travel blogs on TravelBlogSites.com since 2009.

One of the top 150 travel blogs for students in 2010 by CollegeScholarships.org.

Top 100 Indie travel sites in 2010 on Brendan’s Aventures

Best of Taiwan blogs since 2008