Unearthing Asia – Festive Asia!

Lunar New Year, the most festive time of the year in Asia. Learn all about it in Issue 5 of Unearthing Asia travel magazine! This winter’s edition is chock-full of entertaining travel stories from some of Asia’s best travel writers and photographers, including yours truly. (My article on Beijing Lunar New Year Celebrations runs through pages 70-81.)

Read up on some of Korea’s most fascinating festivals, enjoy stunning imagery of India’s Holi Festival, and take in some of the amazing Lunar New Year events on order in Beijing, China. This issue of Unearthing Asia is our most colorful and entertaining to date!

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In this issue
+ India’s Holi Spring
+ Lunar New Year Beijing
+ Sunny Xmas in New Zealand
+ Macau’s Historic Treats
+ Delhi, the Immortal City
+ Auckland, City of Sails
+ Great Malaysian Adventures
+ Korea Festival Showcase
+ Wellington’s Capital Adventures

Unearthing Asia – Festive Asia!