I feel very blessed to have written for and been interviewed by so many travel and culture websites over the years. Here is a collection of my interviews and travel articles.

Chronic Illness and Disability Articles and Interviews with Media & Magazines

Disability Coverage

Spondyloarthritis (Axial Spondyloarthritis aka Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis)


Chronic Illness

We Can Wish… Three Days Without – Creaky Joints 

Business Articles & Media Coverage

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Interviews and Travel Articles

Taiwan Magazine Articles

  • Taiwan News – Opinions writer for Culture Taiwan since April 2010
  • Travel and Leisure Asia Magazine – Insider Taiwan and Travel Photography – 2009 to 2012
  • Nomadic Matt 2008 – 2020 – 17 Things To Do in Taiwan
  • Waakao! Your Taiwan
  • Adventurocity – Taiwan
  • Centered on Taipei Magazine
  • Discover Taipei Magazine 2007-2012
  • Tiger Airways Magazine 2015
  • Expat Interviews A Canadan Globetrotter in Taiwan August 2007
  • Teaching abroad and living in Taiwan with Jet Set Citizen July 2009


I create content for web sites, blogs, advertisements, brochures, sales letters, and direct mailing campaigns in fields as diverse as technology, travel, food and drinks, business, and health.

Content created for Cremoso Specialty Food Industry. Copywriting project for Cremoso Frozen Yogurt website. June 2010


Tripbase Travel Secrets EBooks – January 2010

My specialties include writing for academic and instructional materials including textbooks and tests for TOIEC and GEPT.

My Site Development Projects

I’m an experienced web site developer and have lent my WordPress skills to numerous organizations and businesses around the world.

Professional writer and editor, photographer, education materials developer

  • Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan
  • Walk Your AS Off (Non profit website)
  • (Travel website)
  • The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (Non profit website)
  • Walk AS One (Non profit website)
  • Naked Food Taipei (Restaurant)
  • Hero’s English School (Private school)
  • Flight Path Immigration (Immigration website)
  • Raw Chef Prish (Food Portfolio website)
  • Sewing Stephanie (Artist website)
  • (Photography website for photographers in Taiwan)
  • (Hotel website)

Musical Performances

Carrie Kellenberger in The Taipei Times in October 2015 for her performance in the F#@k Yeah 90s at Triangle in Taipei, Taiwan. Carrie has been singing professionally since she was a young child.

Carrie Kellenberger Taipei Times

She is known on stages across China and has worked in several television and sound studios in Canada.

In December 2003, Carrie participated in the Arts in Our Land Spring Festival televised event through Beijing TV. She placed third out of 50 other foreign performers during a live television performance for the 2004 Spring Festival television marathon.

Beijing TV and Carrie Kellenberger